2. Attempt and false crawl

One morning we found a track of a turtle in Lacacao. The turtle didn't nest but made an attempt. It means that she made a body pit, started to dig but abandoned the place. This can happen for various reasons most likely due to human factor or beach condition.

Turtles are very sensitive to disturbance and when this happens for example by humans they can abandon nesting and crawl back to sea. False crawl has normally an U shape and a turtle crawls up and down the beach without digging. If she starts to dig but doesn't lay eggs than in scientific literature this is called an attempt. Sometimes there is an egg chamber but with no eggs and in that case we talk about abandoned egg chamber. In some cases a turtle can make numerous attempts but still doesn't nest or nest after several attempts.


Some biologist have slightly different classification depending on a their protocols but one thing is in common- an attempt means that a turtle hasn't disposed eggs. Therefore it is massively important to make sure that the factors of disturbance are minimized especially when on a guided tour. One should not approach a turtle without the guidance of a tour operator. If a turtle doesn't nest then she have to find a different location and this might be in less protected area where she could be threatened by poachers (there is still a high number of poachers on some beaches in Boavista).


                                                   Image: http://seaturtleexploration.com/