Capital: São Filipe


Inhabitants: 37,000 people (9,000 people live in São Filipe)


In three words: Pico de Fogo, goat cheese, coffee (&wine!)


Fogo (‘fire’) is geologically the youngest island of the archipelago. The spectacular black volcanic landscape is impressive and if you enjoy hiking you can climb the Pico, one of the steepest volcanic calderas in the world.


The island of Fogo is an active volcano that last erupted in November 2014 and had a massive impact on the people that lived and farmed on the fertile fields inside the crater. They had to evacuate this area that is named Chã das Caldeiras or Plain of Craters.


Fogo is known for its delicious soft goat cheese, wine and coffee: you can taste locally produced wine in the caldera of Fogo from grapes that are grown in the crater. The start of Fogo’s wine production began in the 19th century, when Duke De Montrond came to Fogo with imported vines from France. Coffee is another speciality, it is grown on the outer northern slopes near Mosteiros in the north of the island.


Recommended places to visit:

- Pico de Fogo

- Cha das Caldeiras

- Mosteiros (green valleys, eucalyptus trees, coffee plants and other crops)

- São Filipe (colonial architecture, Portuguese squares, lively market and a museum,        plus a gorgeous view of neighboring island of Brava!).             



Source: Marco Polo Cape Verde

                Bradt Travel Guide Cape Verde




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