Cabo Verdean dishes:


Cachupa is the national dish of Cabo Verde and can be eaten as a soup or fried with an egg and sausage (Cachupa guisada). Cachupa's main ingredient is corn and beans. If meat or fish is added it is called Cachupa rica.

Every island has its own version of cachupa. We enjoyed this traditional meal in Mindelo!

Cachupa can be eaten in almost every local restaurant and in some places reservation has to be made in advance if you want to eat this dish (traditional cachupa can take hours to be cooked).


If you want to learn more how to make cachupa then have a look at this link!



Couscous is made from steamed and dried durum wheat. Originated in North Africa and seems very popular on some islands of Cabo Verde.  Very delicious and nutritious snack!

Turned into a sweet cake, this dish makes a lovely breakfast. Eat it as a local: warm with manteiga (butter). We have eaten couscous in Santo Antao and Sao Vicente. It doesn't seem that couscous is as popular on other islands!


Garoupa (Grouper) is usually served with arroz (rice), legumes (vegetables) or batatas (potatoes). We had a really nice grouper in Mindelo, São Vicente. Highly recommended!


Beautiful in both colour and taste, the dish equals a true Cabo Verdean dinner experience. It really does look delicious!