Capital: Ribeira Grande

Inhabitants: nearly 50,000


In three words: goat cheese, grogue, mountain panoramas.


The goat cheese from Santo Antão is renowned in the whole of Cabo Verde. With a soft, milky texture and a fine taste, this cheese is very popular! It is produced in local farms in small villages, located high up in the mountains of Santo Antão.


The main source of income of Santo Antão is sugar cane cultivation and they make a delicious alcohol drink from this: grogue. Be careful, this is a very addictive drink!

Besides the fabulous cheese and grogue-making, the scenery of Santo Antão is spectacular. The new road from Porto Novo to Paúl shows you the east coast of the island, with high waves on rocky beaches, whereas the old road lies in the interior of the island and offers a completely different environment. Sweaty hands guaranteed as this road takes you high up into the mountains, where you are surrounded by waterfalls, steep cliffs and tropical valleys.


Santo Antão really is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered!


Recommended places to visit:

- Porto Novo (the harbour of Santo Antão and also the place where the amazing goat cheese is being sold by local women)

- Paúl (especially Vila das Pombas (a lovely place to stay for a couple of days with only few tourists and Cova do Paúl  (volcanic crater))

- Ponta do Sol (watch the next Miscellaneous video, with  Edson Lima Lima for an impression of this town! )




Image: Bela-vista-net-Sao Vicente-map.jpg
Image: Bela-vista-net-Sao Vicente-map.jpg