Capital: Mindelo


Inhabitants: 75,000 and almost 70,000 in Mindelo


In three words: culture, live music, Cesaria Evora.


Whereas Boa Vista is increasingly becoming more touristic, in São Vicente you feel as if you are only surrounded by local people. The streets of the bustling port metropolis Mindelo are a great place where you can enjoy live music during the weekends!


Mindelo is also the birth place of the figurehead of morna (a poem set in four-line verses and put to music) Cesaria Evora. Pay a visit to the small museum in Mindelo dedicated to her, where you can learn more about her life. You can listen and dance to her songs in this museum as well!


Tip: start your Cesaria Evora music collection with ‘Miss Perfumado’ or ‘São Vicente di Longe’.


Recommended places to visit:

- The city harbour of Mindelo (relax and enjoy the panorama)

- Mercado de Peixe (fish market; an amazing collection of fresh fish, e.g. tuna fish)

- Monte Verde National Park

- Baía das Gatas (a little town situated next to a beautiful beach)


Source: Bradt Guide Cape Verde;

Image: Bela-vista-net-Sao Vicente-map.jpg
Image: Bela-vista-net-Sao Vicente-map.jpg